The University of Toronto Seismic Design Team (UTSD) is comprised of both engineering and architectural undergraduates who collaborate on designing, building, and analyzing a scaled balsa wood model of a high rise structure.

In the annual EERI Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (SDC), the team will be judged on the structural model’s seismic performance, delivery of an oral presentation, poster design, architectural design and general workmanship.

Collectively, all of these criteria are captured in a final score called the Final Annual Building Income (FABI) which is used to determine the winner.

By designing a robust yet cost effective structure, UTSD team members are given an excellent hands-on opportunity to learn the basic principles of structural and seismic engineering in an out of classroom environment.

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Meet the Team

Rahemeen Ahmed - Team Captain

Rahemeen is a Civil Engineering student, currently starting her Professional Experience Year. Her interest in safe, resilient and sustainable structural design and her past experience in two major earthquakes led to her becoming involved in the Seismic Design Team. In her free time, she prefers swimming, reading and trying to curb the team’s bubble tea spending.

Theressa Chung-Hun - Media and Graphics Lead

Theressa is a civil engineering student interested in structural engineering. I enjoy drawing and painting in my free time. I also eat way too much for my size. She also loves bubble tea.

Kevin Bi - Sponsorship Director

Kevin is a Third Year Civil Engineering student. He joined Seismic Design Team to find his interests in Seismic Engineering. When he is not studying, he enjoys short road trips and getting more sponsorship for the team’s bubble team budget.

Mishael Nuh - Design and Analysis Co-Lead

Mishael is an Engineering Science undergraduate student majoring in Infrastructure engineering. As the Design and Analysis Co-lead, he is interested in structural behavior and computer modelling and analysis of structures. He is also passionate about bubble tea.

Katherine Norris - Construction Co-Lead

Always having an aptitude for putting glue on sticks, Katherine joined the Seismic design team to share her passion of building structures with others.

Jenny Autillo - Architecture Co-Lead

Jenny just finished her third year and is entering her work term. When she's not learning about structures and design, she enjoys downtown strolls and tempura and she really likes structures that don’t collapse….. and those that look good.

Daniel Pekar - Design and Analysis Co-Lead

Daniel is a Design and Analysis co-lead for the 2017/18 team. He and Mishael used a combination of S-Frame, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Excel, pencil-and-paper, guessing-and-checking, and collectively shrugging their shoulders and saying "yeah it'll probably work" to accurately design and analyze the tower. His biggest fear is torsional modes. Also, he believes bubble tea is just over-priced milk-tea and is, frankly, a waste of money.

Paul Go - Contruction Co-Lead

Shamim Khedri - Architecture Co-Lead

Shamim is currently a third year student studying Architecture at the University of Toronto, as she is quite fascinated by architectural structures and their embedded characters and stories. Apart from her passion for architecture, she also quite enjoys doing sports. Thus, one of her goals/dreams is to become a Canadian national paddler. If she ever gets any free time, however, she would rather spend it on reading books and drinking some bubble tea (maybe)!!